11 Dezember 2020
A (yet another) record month.
05 November 2020
"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche
15 Oktober 2020
It's time for human transformation.
07 September 2020
Refreshed by the lightness of summer holidays, we start again with more strength and new good ideas.
03 August 2020
Time to relax (and to get ready for September's new beginnings).
08 Juli 2020
Back to (the new) normality.
07 Juli 2020
For the cleaning of its bathroom furnishings, Almar chose a vacuum cleaning machine supplied by IFP Europe. The system allows the complete removal of contamination from the parts prior to the application of the aesthetic PVD coating.
16 Juni 2020
Thanks to its valuable twenty-year collaboration with Colorificio Giuntini, a distributor of Salcomix coatings, Daccordi Cicli can meet the finishing needs of every customer. This company has made the customisation of its bicycle frames its main strength, thus becoming a leader of the Italian bike frame market, a sector with a long-standing tradition.
12 Juni 2020
The calm after the storm.
21 Mai 2020
IMR Industriale Sud, active in the production of automotive components, has installed the EcoSupply P system of Verind, a Dürr group company, whose coating management unit can handle up to seventy different tints in an efficient and sustainable way, thanks to incredibly low paint loss and cleaning product consumption degrees and to very quick colour change times.
06 Mai 2020
What should have been the PaintExpo month.
07 April 2020
When atypicality becomes the new normal.
12 März 2020
Casagrande S.p.A., a company that has specialised in the design and production of large-sized construction site equipment for over fifty-five years, has chosen to install a water treatment system supplied by Water Energy for the recovery and recirculation of waste water from its coating department. Such strategic choice has transformed one of its the biggest items of expenditure into a growth opportunity, both in terms of health and safety of the working environment and of sustainable development of production.
10 März 2020
Innovation beyond fear.
14 Februar 2020
Benzi & Di Terlizzi, a company specialising in the production of PTO drive shafts for agricultural machines, has recently installed a modern, Industry 4.0-oriented coating system equipped with a two-rail conveyor, which has enabled the integration of the assembly phase directly in-line thus maximizing production efficiency.
06 Februar 2020
Communication beyond the five senses.
03 Februar 2020
AGROSTROJ, with over 100 years of history, a new 16,000 m2-wide industrial coating line that is about to become the largest one in Europe, is the first Central European company to invest in the automation of its agricultural machinery powder coating processes with the installation of four pre-retouching robots designed by CMA Robotics.
03 Februar 2020
In order to meet in the best possible way the needs of the primary sector, today more prosperous than ever in terms of technological innovation and ever more demanding in terms of finishing, Mascar renovated its paintshop with the help of Graco, Comaind, and Inver.
14 Januar 2020
While we wait to find out what 2020 has in store, we retrace the most important moments of 2019.
10 Januar 2020
Lesta Srl has announced its entry into the U.S. market as LestaUSA to allow manufacturers to incorporate robotic finishing technology without the need for complicated programming or teach pendants.